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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Top six reasons for my nickname

  1. Cole Porter's song "Everytime we say goodbye": There's no love song finer, but how strange the change from major to minor, everytime we say goodbye.
  2. Rosenstolz's song "Zarah in Ketten": Und wenn Zarah lacht, ist sie jung und schön. Wenn sie träumt, kann keiner sie verstehn
  3. Zarah Leander, Swedish actress
  4. mi·nor (mī'nər) | adj.
    1. Lesser or smaller in amount, extent, or size.
    2. Lesser in importance, rank, or stature: a minor politician.
  5. (music) of a scale or mode, Antonym: major
  6. And maybe because Zarah is a perfect name for a diva - which is what I sometimes enjoy being: "By definition, a diva is a rampaging female ego redeemed only in part by a lovely voice."
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