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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Can you name this person?

Five days of the World Conservation Congress in Barcelona have left us with around 2.500 photos (see a selection on Flickr). Our task now is to catalogue them to make them useful for IUCN in the long term. I covered the Opening Ceremony yesterday. Could you guess who standing on the picture below?

Opening Ceremony

Neither could I. I did find the names [1] in the end, using my best detective skills. But there was one picture of a speaker that I did not manage to identify (since I hadn't managed to participate in the ceremony).


Then I received a mail through flickr:

I'm Solange Marquez the MC of the Opening Ceremony, hope you remember me :) he he. I was wondering if you can help me, I need at least a picture of myself at the opening ceremony.

Puzzle solved. Thanks a million, Solange. And for the rest of you: Should you recognize people on the pictures we post from the World Conservation Congress, leave a comment and help us out!

[1] From left to right: Valli Moosa, IUCN President, HSH Albert, Prince of Monaco, HRH Felipe, Prince of Asturias, José Montillo, President of Catalunya, Elena Espinosa, Spanish Minister of the Environment and Jordi Hereu, Mayor of Barcelona

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