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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Web2forDev, Day 2.

Stuff of note:

  • There is one place for online training material across international organizations: Open Training Platform
  • Tradenet connects traders in African markets via text messages:
  • Digital storytelling using audio and video is popular in areas with low connectivity: GINKS
  • Euforic demonstrates how to aggregate and mashup on European Development Cooperation: Euforic
  • Personal research portals will change the way science is conducted: ICTlogy

What I've learned:
  • Measuring the impact of this still like poking in the dark.
  • User-generated content in this context often means helping non-IT staff to take charge of their websites.
  • The excitement comes down to five main tools (but sometimes it's better not to use their names):
    • Dated news entries (Blogs)
    • Collective document development (Wikis)
    • Collaborative filtering and categorization (Tags)
    • Separating websites and content (RSS Feeds)
    • Combining information from different places to create something new (Mash-ups)
  • It's no longer just about text, but also about maps, pictures, audio, video and whatever else we want
  • There's a lot of magic in the clever integration of text messaging, email and web.
  • Online and offline: It's important to create events and gathering places - that's where interaction happens.
  • Everyone becomes starry-eyed when speaking about facebook.
  • Playing with technology is important. But if we want to convince non-techies, we need to show the difference it makes in real life terms.
  • Believe Ethan Zuckerman: People matter. Tools don't.

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