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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Another scattered seed: Podcasts for the early morning commute

Lizzie, a colleague of mine at headquarters, has started a wonderful little blog on Learning and Social Conversations. A couple of days ago, she described how podcasts have started to enrich her daily commute.

"Much like a great radio show, these presented manageable amounts of info in a way that really came to life - so much so that I felt more-or-less party to a live conversation."

I have made similar discoveries over the last couple of weeks, and even given up cycling to work this winter in order to have more quality learning time in the metro (Cycling in Brussels winters is not too much fun anyway).

As Lizzie asks for "more quality content providers", here's my current list of subscriptions:

The more I see the usefulness of podcasts in my daily life, the more I'm tempted to get myself some recording equipment and produce them myself. We'll see where that leads to.

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